Hanging System

Product details

The hanging system is made of the stainless steel (201 or 404). It is used to hang the PVC strip curtains. You can choose the suitable type according to your preference or the actual situation of the door.

We have the following types of hanging systems for the PVC strip curtain.

1. Standard Wall Mounted Type ▼

Standard Wall Mounted Type of Hanging System

2. Heightened Wall Mounted Type ▼

Heightened Wall Mounted Type of Hanging System

3. Ceiling Mounted Type ▼

Ceiling Mounted Type of Hanging System

4. Wall & Ceiling Mounted Type ▼

Wall & Ceiling Type of Hanging System

5. Sliding Type ▼

Foldable Type of Hanging System

6. Wild Plate Type ▼

Wild Plate Type of Hanging System

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