Refrigerated Truck Body

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Refrigerated Truck Body

Refrigerated Truck Body

The refrigerated truck body is different from the normal van truck body. It needs good sealing performance and heat insulation effect, so as to ensure the refrigerated goods in a stable temperature environment.

Our refrigerated truck body is all-closed panel structure. The free-Freon molding PU foam is used as the insulated sandwich material, the high polymer compound material as the internal and external covering sheet, which are molded one-off in the pressure machine.

Each panel is self-governed original part. Each body includes one piece of side panel, one piece of front panel, one piece of rear panel, one piece of floor panel and a set of rear door kit. The original part is full long and full width without any seam. One panel is the complete insulated body is joined with strong effect adhesive, which insure the body the same firm as welded. Since it’s not joined with any screw, there is also no water leakage, air leakage, even part disassemble cause by metal fatigue, loosing or rust. Hence, its thermal conductivity can be lower than 0.032 w/m2·k. The rear door is firmed with stainless steel door frame, hinge and rubber gasket, which insure the body hermetic.

It is very good at insulation, environmental protection, economizing on energy, high intensity, light mass, long service life, anti aging, anti changeling weather, acid corroding, no pollution, anti-oxidation.

Dual temperatures, multi compartments are both available.

Refrigerated Truck Body

Refrigerated Truck Body

Both the inside and the outside surfaces are very very smooth, bright white just like a glass.

So, if making advertisement design on it, the superexcellent effect will beat all and can keep new after long time.

Refrigerated Truck Body

In order to meet the different requirement of the oversea customers, we provide two packing method: CKD and CBU.

CKD (Completely Knock Down) can save the transportation cost.

CBU (Complete Built Unit) can simplify the assembly.

Some Suggestions:

Refrigerated Truck Body

Precool the goods in the cold room before putting them into the refrigerated truck body.

At the same time, please precool the refrigerated truck body before loading the goods.

The refrigerated systems are used to maintain the temperature of the goods, not to reduce the temperature of the goods.

They can't take the place of the cold room. It's difficult for them to directly freeze the normal temperature foods to the appropriate low temperature required.

Refrigerated Truck Body

Ensure that cold air circulates smoothly among the goods.

Ensure the loading height is not higher than the plane height of the air outlet. If the air outlet is blocked by goods or too close to the goods, it will not only affect the storage and transportation temperature of the goods, but also affect the normal operation of the refrigerated system.

Refrigerated Truck Body

Pay great attention when loading the vegetable and fruits.

Because the vegetable and fruits will produce the breath heat, the temperature in the middle of the truck body will rise if the cold air can’t cycle clearly.

As a result, the goods will maybe go bad, or the goods near to the cold air outlet will be frostbitten. So, please cover them with cotton cloth firstly.

Refrigerated Truck Body

Choose suitable packaging.

For frozen goods, airless packing cases are used, while for fresh goods, side wall ventilated packing cases are used. The packing case must be pressure resistant.

The goods must be stacked on pallets.

It is forbidden to stack the goods directly on the smooth floor.

Refrigerated Truck Body

Turn off the refrigerated system when loading and unloading.

If the refrigerated system is not turned off, when the door is opened, because the fan of the evaporator is still working, the inside cold air will be blown out from the upper part of the truck body, the outside hot air will be suck in, which will cause the inside temperature to rise rapidly.

If the refrigerated system is turned off, the convection of the outside hot air and the inside cold air will slow down.

It will be better to install the PVC strip curtain, which will be helpful to reduce the convection as well as the loss of cold air.

Refrigerated Truck Body

Keep the inside truck body clean.

If the salt, fattiness clings on the ground, wall or the door gasket, not only it is unhygienic, but also it will corrode the truck body and shorten its service life.

Due to the role of the evaporator fan, air will circulate inside. If there are the chips or dirt in the truck body., they will be sucked into the fan.

After a long time, a large number of impurities will be inhaled into the evaporator coil, which will affect the refrigeration effect of the refrigerated system.

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